Saturday, October 4, 2014

Marriott Cafe

When its ratatouille that greets you at the entrance of the place you will be having your breakfast, you know that its going to be a fun one. This was how I felt when I saw this little mascot at the entrance of Marriott Cafe.

Marriott Cafe is very kid friendly. It had different kinds of milk being offered, juice, yoghurt, Nutella and peanut butter bread, as well as a wide variety of cereal with different kinds of dried fruits to add to it. They also offer oatmeal.

They also had a Chinese station, an Indian station, Japanese station, Omelette station and even some Filipino specialty dishes being offered.

They also offer buko juice in the actual coconut husk. I had 3 of these.

 B and I enjoyed our breakfast at Marriott Cafe. It was relaxed and unpretentious. It was uncomplicated and for my breakfast, I always prefer just keeping it real.

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  1. Oh, I love all these pictures! I take food pictures too. Makes me feel so at home! :)


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