Tuesday, October 28, 2014

dear crush,

I'm just really happy that you don't read my blog. It's quite liberating knowing that I can write things and the person I'm writing it for doesn't get to read it. I'm not yet ready for you to know the insane way you make me smile so please stick to not being interested in my life enough to stalk me.

It feels good to have someone get to know you as you and not as a blogger or someone who posts a lot of stuff on IG or is twitter crazy. I'm glad you're getting to know me as a person, not someone online.

We've been talking for about a month and a half now and we've seen each other roughly 4-5x. All these times, our talks have been insanely long and funny. Always when we talk, I'd either laugh out loud, or you would, or we both would at the same time. I like those moments.

I like that we can just talk and hang out. I like that you focus on me that you didn't even notice it rained outside. I like that you find time to check on me almost daily. I like that you share random things and you funny video me. Apparently, its a thing that guys do and I'm glad you did that with me.

I also like in a way that you are still contemplating on where this goes. At least I know that you are not impulsive nor in a rush. It's a good trait for a guy to have. Oh, I also like that you have ambition. Guys with ambition are sexy but then you are already sexy. Wink wink. LOL.

When you cooked for me, I was all cartwheels and happiness inside. I felt special. Perhaps I am, perhaps I'm not but for that day alone, I felt special. The only other guy who has cooked for me was someone I met in college so I can definitely say it has been awhile.

So yeah, lets get to know each other and see where this leads. For now, I just wanna say that you make me smile and you make me laugh. I look forward to my phone lighting up and seeing a message from you. I hope you never tire of messaging me.

Someone who is in like with you. :)

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