Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soft Opening of Chelsea Kichen in Mega Fashion Hall

Mega Fashion Hall has a new star on its premises and it is none other than Chelsea Kitchen which is being run by Raintree Restaurants. This is their 2nd branch already, with the first branch located in Serendra.

I love that the venue had an al fresco feel to it. Its set right at the main entrance of the Mega Fashion Hall. It doesn't have the usual walls and door so it sends off the vibe that its an open invitation to anyone passing by.

Since they are just on a soft opening, I decided to get the Superfood Salad wih Yoghurt and Vinaigrette dressing. What I liked abou it is that it had all the things I need to ensure I survive the rest of my day. Chia seeds, greens, almond, cucumber and the like were all present.

I also got their Yardstick coffee which is presented really well and nicely. I love that food and drinks are now given the flare it so richly deserves. This coffee is a pour over and so I had to add milk and sugar since I can't tolerate brewed coffee on its own.

The last thing I had was their seafood broil in a foil and this is a definite must for me. It's fresh seafood lathered with butter then baked in foil. It's healthy save for the butter but I feel that it was very minimal because you can barely taste it.

Thank you so much Mela and Michelle of RainTree Restaurants for inviting me to have a quick taste of Chelsea Kitchen. I am definitely looking forward to more. It's such a refreshing change from the normal restaurant set up that I can definitely say its a breath of fresh air.

with the chef

Since I have a sweet tooth, the chef sent over some handmade donuts and this one is a keeper. It's not too sweet and its colorful. I had to stop myself with just one because I am currently on a track to lose weight. With Chelsea Kitchen, eating healthy delicious food is definitely possible.

They also gave me a slice of this birthday cake which was a really sweet gesture since my birthday is coming up on the 30th of the month. This is my first and possibly only cake for my 34th birthday so its really quite special.

Thank you so much Chelsea Kitchen for turning what would have been an ordinary afternoon into something a lot better. Your food is definitely something even the most avid gym freak would love.

Chelsea Kitchen 
G/F Main Entrance
Mega Fashion Hall 

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