Monday, October 8, 2012

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen

My brother and I went out last Saturday to do some grocery shopping and eat out. It has been a while since we last did this so I was pretty excited. We ended up at Xoi Kitchen.

I've noticed that I've been eating a lot of Vietnamese food so I was hoping that this would turn out to be a good one. Upon entering, warm red colors welcome you tinged with purple here and there. It immediately put me at ease.

First thing I want to comment on is the service. This group of servers are probably one of the best group I have ever encountered. They were informative but not intruding. They knew exactly what to do to make your dining experience more pleasurable. They were good at what they were doing and they did everything just fine. Kudos!

My brother and I ordered the basics in a Vietnamese place.

Php100 for a glass
We ordered the traditional Iced and Hot Vietnamese coffee. It is coffee that is allowed to drip on top of a layer of condensed milk. When you want it cold, just pour the hot cofee over a glass of ice. Tada! This is how we do it!

Goi cuon Php150
The fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork, lettuce, and noodles were really good. It was crispy, fresh, and just what a spring roll should be.

Chao Tom Php185
The prawns wrapped on sugarcane served with lettuce and noodles were a bit of a disappointment though. It wasn't fresh and tasted fishy. It would have been great if the fishy taste was not present at all.

Bahnmi Php175
The french bread served with beef, noodles, and lettuce were absolutely good. It was filling, it was healthy, and it wasn't hard to eat. It was GOOD.

Pho Bo Php210
The hanoii style rice noodle soup served with beef brisket and raw sliced beef was okay. It wasn't as refreshing as the pho bo in Ba Noi but it was okay.

Overall, I still loved my stay at Xoi and the great service definitely added to the experience. I wish all restaurants would have staff like the ones Xoi has. They make up for the not so great food and turn everything into a great dining experience. Love it!

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