Monday, October 29, 2012

1st Spelling Bee Contest

B was chosen along with one other classmate to join an inter school spelling bee competition. He was very excited and so was I.

I felt so happy for him because I was a spelling bee champ when I was young. We trained and trained with the list given to us to prepare him.

Finally, the day came. Unfortunately, it didn't start out so well.

The class adviser gave us the wrong time and we had to rush B to get to school "on time" only to find out that it was starting an hour later. B was not happy and he was down because he did not have breakfast.

As for me, I was seething. It was a good thing that B was still up for the contest and he was still pretty okay.

Here's B before the contest.

Here's B during the contest. Mind you, the class adviser did not train him for the other words and yet he placed 4th overall. My baby is such a geek. I love it!

The proud, albeit upset, Mommy.

After the contest, I took B to Jollibee where he got to order whatever he wanted. I also got him a Spiderman balloon as his reward for being such a good sport. :)

Win or lose, I will always be proud of you my son. MWAH!


  1. Congrats to B! I loved spelling contests too when I was young and I often got chosen to participate in the school's annual academic jumble where we were quizzed on stage with Science, Math, and English questions. :)

    - Mich of Mich Eats and Shops

  2. win or lose, we as a mother is very proud of the things our children does. congrats to your cute boy.


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