Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Bites: Merry Moo

As we were leaving the Astroplus event, FM and I chanced upon this stall at the 3rd floor of Podium.

I've heard of them before and I was really happy that I would be able to try it. Since it was a first for me, I tried all flavors before I actually got a scoop.

Now, these are all my personal opinions. Honeycomb rocked! It was sweet and it was creamy. The candied bacon was eewww. The sea salt caramel was salty and sweet. The butterscoth pecan tasted a bit of alcohol and the coffee kahlua was all coffee, a bit of kahlua.

The poprocks and mallows was pretty okay. The french vanilla was a classic, the horlicks was unidentifiable but mostly wheat tasting, and the strawberry basil was YUCK. It was pesto made into ice cream.

Guess what I got? The Honeycomb of course and FM got the Coffee Kahlua. It was a great mini date for both of us. :) 

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  1. Honeycomb seems interesting. :)

  2. wow, yummy ice cream!!!! :D

  3. This is a must-try. I love ice creams!

  4. interesting...I love anything caramel but I think I'll pass on this one...will try the honeycomb and coffee :)

  5. Strawberry basil is heaven! Hehe joke. Haven't tasted any of these. But I'd like the one with Horlicks. :)


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