Sunday, October 14, 2012

Regent Spa

Last Saturday night, FM and I ended the day with a spa experience. It was the first time that we were both trying out Regent Spa which is located above ACE Water Spa in Kapitolyo.  At first glance I already liked how it appeared.

The place was just like how a spa should be. Quiet, serene, calm, and the smell oh so rejuvenating. What I liked about Regent Spa was the treatment provided by the staff. While waiting, they will serve you either Iced Tea or hot tea. They will also provide you with hot a towel which simply does wonders for your face. It was so relaxing and calming.

After, we were led to the couples massage room and the first thing we both noticed was that the massage beds were bigger than normal. Plus points I say. It also had its own bathtub and shower area which was great because I did not feel comfortable with the idea of walking around in just a bathrobe.

After showering and lounging in the tub, you can call the masseuse. Now, let’s talk about the massage. Yes, the massage. What an experience it was!

I had a Swedish massage because I was not a fan of hard massages. FM also had a Swedish massage but it seems that his masseuse has not yet perfected the art of the even pressure for at different parts of the massage, she applied different pressures that left FM not too pleased. As for my masseuse, I got lucky I guess. She knew just the right amount of pressure to apply and left me feeling like a marshmallow; all soft and gooey inside. Best part about this entire experience was the hot compress they leave on your back while they are massaging your foot and legs. It was just HEAVEN! I never knew that a hot compress placed strategically on your back can actually do a lot of wonder!

After the massage, FM said that it was his 2nd best spa experience. I felt happy because I know that he loves indulging in Spa treatments so for him to say that it was the 2nd best one meant a lot. As for me, it was the best one that I’ve had. I’m definitely coming back for more.

I went home and slept like a baby. Thank you again FM for another wonderful date.

Regent Pasig Wellness Corp.
2/F Ace Building
United cor. Brixton Street
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel Nos: 654-9344 * 654-9341
Mobile: 0932-8528908 

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