Thursday, October 25, 2012

creating happiness ....

Since I became part of a twosome, a large part of my happiness has stemmed from this twosome. I know its wrong but its how things have become. Our worlds have meshed together that at some point, I didn't know where one started and where one ended.

Something happened today that made me realize I need to change this. I need to create my own happiness and rely on myself. Yes, I am still part of a twosome but I need to ensure that I do things on my own and not get the other half to be there all the time.

It just doesn't work that way and if I keep expecting and hoping it will, I will just continue to hurt. I don't want to hurt anymore. I've hurt too much already in the past.

I just need to remember this.

"Don't look for happiness. Create it."

So in line with this, I will .... 
1. read more books 
2. write more 
3. cross stitch 
4. do street photography which I have been wanting to do 
5. finish my scrapbooks 
6. dance more 
7. have more ME time :)

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  1. Yey! Go girl power! You're getting there. =)

  2. exactly what I'm try to do right now, create happiness or at least look forward to the good something will bring. :)

  3. I guess even if you're part of a twosome, you still need to leave room for you to grow.

  4. I can relate to this - there are times it gets scary when so much of your daily routine is inevitably entangled with that of your significant other (or whatever term is most appropriate). While it is important to still define what is "yours" in things, at the same time there's a certain freedom in embracing the "twosome" most completely.


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