Monday, October 8, 2012

Mr Bean

I have passed by this place about 2 times but never had the opportunity to sit down and give it a try. My brother made sure that I got the chance when we went out last Saturday. He said that he has tried the soy ice cream and that it was to die for. I immediately agreed to give it a go.

He ordered the soy milk and the soy ice cream with lychee pops. The soy milk was just as good as I remember it back when I used to get this when I was still in college. It brought a lot of great memories and the taste was something I knew I could get addicted to.

The soy ice cream on the other hand was a revelation. Who knew that soy ice cream could actually be really good. It was tasty and it was sweet and creamy. It wasn't icky at all. I thought it would be since normally, soy should be piping hot but the way they made this, it was oh so good! And the lychee pops were just the right combination. WINNER!

Thank you little brother for treating me last Saturday. You always knew how to make this old woman happy. MWAH!


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