Friday, October 5, 2012

UAAP 75th Cheerdance Competition

I know I'm quite late in posting this but I still want to share my happiness in being able to secure tickets to this years 75th UAAP Cheerdance Competition. What made this much sweeter was that the funny guy was the one who paid for the tickets and it was the first for all of us to watch it live.

We are obviously from Team La Salle but we have to admit that UP was the star, as always. Here are some moves that took my breath away.

I'm really happy that the cheerdance has improved in the Philippines. It used to make me cringe watching them but now, I am in awe. Kudos to our cheerdancers and I hope to see more death defying stunts in the future.

Good job La Salle! Congrats UP!

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  1. thanx for posting this. i do agree that cheerleading has come a long way there in Pinas. brings back memories when my high school back in the early 90's competed with schools like Poveda, Miriam, and St. Mary's. i believe there were only 8-10 schools competing at that time. and it was not as organized as it is today.


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