Friday, October 26, 2012

Printable Bookmarks

Hey Mommies! I was bored today and ended up browsing through the net when I chanced upon some sites that I thought could be of good use to everyone. Since the Christmas season is coming up, we're all most likely clamoring for ideas on what to give our kid's classmates.

Oh, the pressure!

So, here's a great simple gift that we can actually give and it great because ...
  1. it's cheap 
  2. its printable 
  3. it encourages reading
  4. it can be personalized 
Isn't it awesome?

As you all know, B was raised to love books and his 50+ book collection is a testament to that. So, here are some free kid's bookmark template that you can give out as gifts. What makes it better is that it is not extravagant. It's all about Christmas; giving and remembering someone.

Have fun! 

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