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B is for Brazil ... is for Bravo ... is for B!

I watched B perform today during their annual dance for their school's foundation day. Last year, his team won 1st place so the pressure was on them to hold on to their title.

I honestly did not like the costume last year but this year, it was KULAYFUL!

This year, we were also complete in showing support to B. My Mom, K, and FM were all there to cheer him on. :)

I love how B is always front row center when performing. He's so graceful and he really has stage presence when he dances. Best part is that he really memorizes his steps so he doesn't look silly.

Just like last year, they were the champion in their dance competition. Mommy is so proud! Congratulations B! You did really great! MWAH!

the champions


  1. Wow! Congrats B and to your team. Great job kids. You really made your parents proud.

  2. Love the costume B! Continue to make your mom and family proud -who knows? someday you'll be performing for the whole world to see!!! - It all starts with one step! - one dance performance!:)

  3. LOL. it's great to see B dancing... ala Brazilian style. Congratulations B on your dancing career. :D

  4. Wow, great job kids! I'm sure as a parents you been so proud of every success of your kids.

  5. wow! is B his real name? I like it! anyway congrats B! :)

  6. The costume looks great and congratulations to B for being a champion.

  7. Congratulations! I think parents deserve to be congratulated too because it's us who toil over those colorful costumes and other preparations. :)

  8. Congratulation B. Kanino kaya nagmana ng dancing skill ang batang eto. You did made your parents proud, B.

  9. Wow, really nice and colorful costume. Congratulations B for the job well done =)


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