Thursday, October 4, 2012


One of the things that I planned to do with FM was to eat at every single restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. We ate at Nanbantei and Aria and the rest were listed or scheduled. Unfortunately, FM was assigned to the province and we only had the weekends to see each other. I thought that this little project of mine was a lost cause. Luckily, it wasn't.

I had the opportunity to dine at CUE last week and boy was it a treat.

I loved the cozy feel of CUE. The red and white combination made me imagine root beer floats and french fries. It looked like an American diner but with more finesse and class.

I did get my root beer float and I loved the fact that they used A&W rootbeer. It was so good! I missed A&W so this was a major refreshing moment for me.

After the niceties and getting introduced to the other bloggers (one was Purple Doll and the other was Hefty Foodie) we got down to the serious business of eating.

Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos Php485
 This came served with roasted corn salsa, sweet and spicy salsa verde, and flour tortillas. It was so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. It was one of the best dishes that was served to us.

Make your own Fish Tacos Php385

This was a panko crusted white fish served with Cilantro Lime Tartar. It was actually quite good and I loved the fact that it truly was crunchy and the lime added enough zest to bring out the taste of the fish.

Bacon Slab Cue Style Php455

I have never been a fan of bacon. I don't like it and I just won't be caught dead consuming one. However, this one changed my opinion of bacon forever. Apparently, when bacon is slow baked then fried and house cured, it is pretty darn tasty. I seriously fell in love with it. Paired with a side dish of oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower creamed casserole for only Php115 and you have a winner.

Truly, CUE knows what its doing and you'd be crazy not to give these dishes a try. I'm glad I did and definitely, the next time I go here, I'll be dragging along FM.

7th Ave. corner 29th St. South
Ground Floor, East Superblock Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio


  1. Fat, fat and more fat! But I want to try this!! :)

  2. I'd definitely try the bone marrow dish when I visit Cue. Seems deadly but looks mouthwatering.

    Wow! You're the first person I know who didn't like bacon.


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