Monday, October 22, 2012

Calda Pizza

They told me that Calda Pizza makes one of the biggest pizzas ever. I did not believe them. I thought it was all media hype and exaggeration. Boy, was I wrong.

Upon entering the place, I was pretty surprised at how simple it looked. Dark wooden chairs were all the decoration it had. However, the next thing I saw left my mouth hanging.

It was so HUGE! Imagine, it actually covered me and I'm pretty wide. Haha. It was that wide. FM bought the big Calda Pizza and we enjoyed it at home.

The taste was actually pretty good. I didn't have much expectations because most novelty food items suck. I was very happy that this one was an exception to the rule. Calda Pizza is actually good even when it's cold and I hate cold food so I'd have to say that this one is a WINNER.

Calda Pizza 
FB Page: Calda Pizza 
BF Resort Drive  Las PiƱas City
02 478 3715


  1. I would love to get a huge pizza as my contribution to a pot-luck party. Sadly, most big pizzas near our area don't taste as good. I'll try Calda if only it has a branch up in the north :(

  2. And if you're from Cebu, you visit there branches in Escario St. and Lapu-lapu City. There website is You can check there menu, map and contact numbers from there website as well. They are 24/7 open and offers 24hrs delivery.

    Hope this can help. :)


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