Monday, October 8, 2012


I was lucky enough to have FM treat me to watching NINE eventhough he wasn't going to be with me. Yep, that's how lucky I am. He got me tickets and I trooped to RCBC last Friday night to watch one of the musicals I've been dying to see since FM made me watch the movie.

I loved the first half of it and though there were some actresses that I think should not have been casted, they were able to deliver though sometimes I felt it was lacking. Cherie Gil brought the house down with her solo act and the vixens (the mistress and the woman on the beach) were also very well played. I loved how strong their characters were that you'd immediately understand why they made such an impact on Guiddo's life.

with Ms Cherie Gil
with Ima Castro
The second half of the play was not as good as the first half. To be honest, there were moments I dozed off. For me, the brilliance of the first half wasn't met by the 2nd half. Still, NINE had great moments that I will forever remember and I'm still very happy that I got to watch it even on my own.

Thank you FM for this opportunity. :)


  1. I really enjoyed this play! Cherie Gil was indeed fabulous and admittedly I wasn't too sold on Eula Valdes.

    Otherwise, still a great show!

  2. Heard a lot of raves on Nine and from what I heard it was a great show.

  3. I hope I will have my chance of watching musical in the near future, never had the opportunity to watch one.

    1. Me too, I wish I can watch an awesome musical like this one. Great cast by the way. :)

  4. Ms Cherie Gil still looks fierce after all these years. :)

  5. Although NINE is not my fave musical film, I liked it more than CHICAGO (my super short movie review of NINE:

    Didn't know they produced a local musical. Interesting! But since you fell asleep in some parts, I guess it's okay if I missed it. :p

  6. I hope that FM will join in next time you two watch theater

  7. Some friends were there too last Friday and were seems so happy about the show. I didn't come with coz i didnt know much about the show. :D

  8. i love musicals.
    heard a lot of good reviews bout this show.
    ang fierce pa rin ni Ms. cherie

  9. Ooh I like plays! Nothing quite beats "Rivalry" for me. Great singing and acting, and fantastic set design!

    - jsncruz

  10. I am familiar with the name of the play but couldn't recall any familiar songs of the play.

  11. Cherry Gil still looks gorgeous after all these years. Cool photo! :)

  12. My friend told me about Nine and they're all happy with it. Hope I can watch it too. Hehe


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