Wednesday, October 24, 2012

32 awesome gifts ...

Yup, I used the word awesome. I've been watching too many episodes of HIMYM. I'm just on season 3 coz I started only 2 weeks ago. So going back to the topic ... its my birthday next week and I am literally bidding goodbye to the calendar.

Yep, I'm turning 32 next week and I want to fantasize about gifts that I know I will possibly never have. A girl can dream right?
  1. Christmas Carousel (saw one at ACE Hardware for Php1499) 
  2. big black leather wallet
  3. body pillow 
  4. scrapbooks 
  5. portable DVD player 
  6. DSLR (even the most basic one would be nice!) 
  7. iPOD speakers 
  8. hamburger speakers 
  9. big black bag (a classic that can be paired with anything) 
  10. ballet slippers (size 9, different colors) 
  11. Jansport Backpack 
  12. boxes from Simple Joys 
  13. James Patterson's books 
  14. Book: Why We Broke Up 
  15. Book: Perks of being a Wallflower 
  16. Book: Game of Thrones Series 
  17. Printed copy of my blog and bookbind it (that would be something!) 
  18. Printer 
  19. laptop
  20. charcoal painting of myself 
  21. a Php10,000 shopping spree at National Book Store 
  22. mugs from Starbucks 
  23. blazers 
  24. white board 
  25. sketch books 
  26. bedroom slippers (size 9) 
  27. pajamas 
  28. notebooks and pens
  29. 500GB External Hard Drive 
  30. Dresses 
  31. pillows 
  32. towels 
So there :) 

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  1. happy birthday! may all you wish for (and more) come true. :) enjoy your special day!

  2. happy birthday! may all you wish for (and more) come true. :) enjoy your special day!

  3. hey Kathy, advanced happy birthday! See you at the next food trip!


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