Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Momo Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, FM and I finally went to Ayala Triangle and had dinner. We ended up at Momo Cafe because the other restaurants were full. I've already dined at Momo Cafe before but it was a first for me and FM. He ordered the back ribs and I had soup and a durian shake.

The truffle mushroom soup was actually pretty good. The truffle taste was so visible and it was very strong but not overbearing. I loved this and so did FM.

The durian shake was FABULOUS. Seriously. I loved it and if it wasn't so fattening, I would buy and drink this every chance I get.I tried to sip every last drop just to make the most out of it.

The ribs were actually good while they were still hot. Keyword is while they were still hot. The moment they got cold (which was in 8 minutes or so) it wasn't appetizing at all. It was cold and chewy. Sigh. I wish they had a hot plate underneath just to keep the warmth. 

Overall, we didn't really enjoy the food that much but we had a great time because we almost always enjoy our dates out. :)

Momo Cafe
Ayala Triangle Gardens 
Ayala Triangle, Makati City
621-6161 / 621-6162


  1. Still haven't tried Momo Cafe. I want to try their cheesecake. :P

  2. I wanna try that durian shake! :)


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