Quick Bites: Wingman

This honey garlic buffalo wings look so simple yet they are oh so delicious. If you are a fan of buffalo wings and are always on the prowl for the best buffalo wings, this is the answer to your question. Hidden in a corner of The Collective, Wingman serves the best buffalo wings in town. They have over 6 flavors available but you can simply forget about the rest and just focus on the honey garlic.

The honey garlic buffalo wings is simply amazing! It is sweet with a touch of that wonderful garlic flavor and it is crispy and hot. It is a delight. I always eat at least half a dozen when I go here. If you haven't tried it yet, this needs to go on your 100 Food I must Eat before I Die list.


The Collective 
7274 Malugay  Makati City 1203
0917 850 2025

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  1. I haven't visited The Collective. I should soon!

  2. Wingman's has by far the best chicken wings anywhere in the Philippines also their menu has a load full of great appetizers. I can't get enough of Wingman's ...Great food Great customer service!

  3. Wingman's by far the best wings in Pinas. Great menu and great customer service. Their food is addicting!