Friday, November 1, 2019

October Recap: Events, Raket, and More

September was all about new beginnings. October passed by in a flash because I went back to events and doing freelance work.

I had two events for clients and thankfully, both events worked out pretty well.

I also had a truly wonderful event with Brother Philippines where they gave us labelers which made me so happy coz I loved labeling and it would truly help with my scrapbooking.

One of the biggest physical surprises of October though was the Garmin watch that I won during the launch of the Garmin lifestyle watches. I initially thought that I'd give it away or sell it but it turns out, I would fall in love with it. It's become a part of my daily life now and I would check it daily for my sleep and stress.

I also made my freelance business legitimate because I was able to get myself a personal receipt. Yey me! Hopefully, this will lead to more freelance work because I am now legit.

 The last event of the month that got me all giddy was the Starbucks Planner launch. This is the one event that I look forward to yearly and I'm glad that this year was no exception.

Lastly, I covered two food reviews: Friends and Family's Taste of Chinatown and Fat Smoke. I'm really happy that both restaurants were a delight to review and the only hardship I had was the fact that they served really good food, I couldn't say anything bad.

We also had our 6th month checkup. Thankfully the baby is doing very well and healthy. The baby is a bit too big so I need to watch what I eat especially when it comes to rice and bread.

B had two school events and I'm really happy that I was able to support him on both. I watched the first one where they did an ARNIS demonstration while I did his makeup for the Masquerade event. I think Edward Cullen might be shaking in his boots now right?

I also celebrated my 39th birthday and though the family is getting smaller because the twins are in Singapore, my older sister is in Boracay, and my younger sister had to stay in school, I'm still very thankful.

M surprised me with flowers which I haven't received from him in over a year. It really made me smile.

I also received two cakes, one from Starbucks and the other from EON.

Here I am with people who matter most to me: M, my Mom, and B.

The most precious moment of October for me though was when B and M hugged. You see, it was my birthday but M gave B a really precious gift: a laptop he needed for school for which I was truly thankful for because I was still thinking of a way to come up with the money. 

October was overall a good month and I'm hoping that though November opened with a bit of bad news, it will lead the way to better things. I truly believe in that.

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