Monday, October 21, 2019

Steps in Securing a Personal Receipt from the BIR

I finally decided to jump the gun and get a receipt for my freelance gig. You see, I've never really taken it seriously till now so I decided to make everything all legal.

I did dread processing things because we all know how unreliable and toxic government offices are. I decided to document my entire journey to hopefully help someone else who will go through the process.

Step 1.

Check your RDO and have it moved to your home location.

This is where you originally had your TIN number set up. If you only got your TIN because of work, most likely your RDO will be in the area where your office is located. This would be a problem if you live in another city like I do.

My first work was in Eastwood and I live in Las Pinas. Thankfully,  a few years ago, I had my RDO moved to Makati because I worked in Makati. However, I still live in Las Pinas so I had to request that my RDO be moved to Las Pinas which takes 5 business days.

This took me half a day to process and then I still had to wait 5 business days. 

Step 2:

Go to city hall and pay for your OTR.

I can't remember what OTR (Php200) stands for but it took me less than a minute. Hallelujah! 

Look for the miscellaneous department and make a payment. After, you can move to Step 3.

Step 3:

Go to the BIR. Make sure you have a black ballpen with you. You will need to fill out two kinds of forms. 3 copies of Form 0605 and 2 copies of Form 1901.  You then need to pay a fee of Php500 at the nearest PnB.

Yes, you need to go to another place to make a payment. If the BIR is not located near a PNB, then you'd need to travel to the nearest one.   

Step 4.

Pay the Php500 fee at PnB. This process took 2 hours. 

Step 5:

Go back to the BIR and order your receipt. This one will cost Php1500 and you can put your name, email, contact details. Make sure to also mention that you want it to be NON-VAT and go for the 3% one. If not, you will be given the VAT which is 12% if I remember correctly.

Since you are a freelancer, you need to be NON-VAT. This entire process took another hour on top of the 2.5 hours that I already wasted earlier, not including the 2 hours at the bank. 

Step 6:

Come back after 3 business days.

Some of the things that I did not know was that you needed to go to the BIR first before going to city hall. Make sure you go to city hall and pay for your OTR before going to the BIR. Sadly, this was not stated in any of the BIR websites. 

Another would be making sure you go to the right office for your RDO so you don't waste time going from one office to another. This one took me an entire day the first time around because my RDO office was in the other end of the city. 

Hopefully, this helps someone out.

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