Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mercury Drug Daybook: 1 Heart Suki 2020 Daybook


A lot of people who can't get the Starbucks 2020 Planner are currently looking at the Mercury 2020 Daybook. They think that it will make for a better planner.

The question is, will it? Let's find out.

The Mercury 2020 Daybook comes in 4 colors: Gray, Purple, Orange, and Red.

This is how it is packaged.

This is how the actual Mercury 2020 Daybook looks like. The design is actually carved and gives a nice texture. All 4 colors come with the same front design.

Inside, it looks like this.

It's actually not a planner but more of an upscale notebook with lots of nice prompts to help you have a better 2020. It reminds you of how to be a better version of yourself.

There are no dates inside so if that's what you are looking for, then this is not the notebook for you. If you just need something to guide you through 2020, then at 40 Suki Points, this one is more than enough.

To know more and see all the pages, click on this video.

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  1. I watched your Youtube video about Mercury's Suki Daybook. I had a few last year and as someone who loves to write, I find it handy for jotting down ideas even though I already use Trello. I guess I'm still a bit old school. If I'd get one this year, I'd probably go with purple too. Although I'm pretty sure my daughter will use it as a drawing notebook since it's her favorite color.

    1. You can get 2 purple planners for only 80 points hahaha. I have 5 planners now. I'm very old school though I use KEEP naman.


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