Thursday, October 31, 2019

Review: Fat Smoke in BFRV, Las Pinas

Though not easy to find, Fat Smoke is definitely worth the hunt. Situated in a corner along BF Resort Drive just past Central, Fat Smoke may not be easy to spot but once you find it and dined there, you'd never forget the place.

It was a friend of mine who introduced this place to me. She said that it served really good ribs which didn't impress me because I'm not a fan of ribs in the first place. However, M and my Mom is so off we trooped to give this place a try.

The place is small. At most, it can accommodate 20 people max. However, it did not feel cramped which is good because no matter how awesome a place is, once it feels cramped, it destroys the experience.

This is their menu and the price is surprisingly fair.

We tried the half slab of the Grade 4 Wagyu Beef Ribs and the half slab of the Pork Ribs. I initially had misgivings if this plate was good enough for 5 people since we had two guys with us who had big appetites but lo and behold, we even had a few leftovers.

The beef is truly Grade 4 Wagyu because it was so easy to chew. It was so soft that it could melt from the bone but what was amazing about it was that it did not turn into a pile of meat. It held on but it was so tasty and soft. My Mom loved it and she's super picky when it comes to meat.

The pork ribs were equally good. When we asked the chef, he told us he cooks this for at least 10 hours which explains why the meat was so tender. 

The Nachos was gone in an instant. The veggies used were fresh and the cheese and beef toppings, abundant. I didn't feel ripped off.

The Onion Rings were cooked quite thickly but not in a bad way. It was still crunchy and B enjoyed it. Since I'm not a fan of this type of onion rings, I let him have the whole plate.

The chicken wings were also more than good. Crunchy, not spicy, and the meat, not bland at all. The cheese topping just gave it more oomph.

Fat Smoke turned out to be a really awesome surprise. My Mom loved the place, M wouldn't talk anymore while eating, and everyone went home with a really full stomach.

What truly impressed me though was that the chef and owner was this young kid who was only 23 years old.

We used to have to go to a mall whenever my family craves ribs but now, we don't need to. We found a hidden gem inside BFRV and we're definitely going back for more.

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