Friday, November 8, 2019

SM Aura presents Christmas in Festive Splendor

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes, it's finally Christmas season once again though here in the Philippines, this actually started midnight of September 1. However, it is only now that trees are being lighted in malls which has become a presentation of it's own.

SM Aura Premier recently had their very own tree lighting activity and truth be told, they dazzled and blinded people with their display and launch, truly making it a Christmas in Festive Splendor.

SM Aura Premier officially began the Christmas season with a Chinoiserie-inspired display and two interactive art and light exhibits that may be enjoyed by guests until January 7, 2020.

Renowned for its unique and awe-inspiring Christmas displays, SM Aura Premier's much-awaited tree lighting ceremony at the mall's Main Atrium revealed a 33-ft spectacle adorned with golden entails, opulent feathers, and a resplendent phoenix as its highlight feature. The mall welcomed guests and customers through a festive circus performance featuring an array of international and local acrobats, jugglers, and aerialists.

Taking inspiration from the phoenix, SM Aura Premier invites all to experience an immersive journey, entitled "Flight of Lights", which features two interactive light displays, in partnership with Huawei Mobile Philippines.

The first of the displays, located by the Christmas tree centerpiece, is a golden bird cage which the public can enter in and experience an interactive light show. As participants form their hands into a particular shape, a phoenix will immerge and take flight above their heads.

The Skypark at the fifth floor greets visitors with swing sets which glow in vivid colors. Surrounding the swing sets are moving lights that mimic fireflies. Both displays in the "Flight of Lights" exhibit is open to all for free until January 7, 2020.

Making more picture-perfect memories, families will surely be thrilled as SM Aura Premier treats its customers to a harp exhibit by HarpRoom on November 22- 24 at the main entrance. At the main mall atrium, guests can enjoy chorale performances on December 1 and 8, Letters to Santa Workshop on December 6 and 7, and Santa's Meet and Greet on December 24 and 25.

Experience Christmas in Festive Splendour at SM Aura Premier. For more information, follow @SMAuraPremier on Facebook and Instagram.

PHOTOS: Captured by Mark Balmores
For bookings, please message his Facebook Page.

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