Thursday, November 7, 2019

3 Mistakes Women Make with their Skin

One of the questions I often get asked is, "how do you have really smooth skin?"

I would normally laugh it off and say it's genetics but the truth is, genes are just part of the reason. The other reason is that I also eat a lot of greens and I make sure that my face is clean at night before I go to sleep.

More importantly, I make sure that I do not commit these mistakes that I often see other women make on a daily basis.

1. Putting on make up while in transit

Unless you have your own car and you can guarantee that your skin has not been exposed to pollution already, putting on makeup while in transit is a really BIG MISTAKE.

I'm talking about women putting on primer, foundation, and the like while out commuting in a bus, UV Van, Jeep, or even the MRT. You see, your skin has already gotten dirty and there you are placing cosmetics on top of the dirt. This will trigger breakouts which will then lead you to use more cosmetics, not realizing your habits or practice is the main reason why you were not able to achieve smooth skin.

2. Retouch

I've heard this word since I was a kid and it is normally followed with a compact and powder plus lipstick. Retouching on your lipstick in the middle of the day, no problem. Retouching your face powder in the middle of the day without cleaning your face first, BIG PROBLEM.

As mentioned in number 1, by the middle of the day, your face would have accumulated so much dirt and oil that when you retouch it, you are only fixing the outward appearance of your skin. What you are not seeing though is that you are also embedding dirt and pushing back all the oils into your skin.


3. One Time Cleaning

Facial wash alone is not enough to clean your face at night. You need to do a second layer of cleaning using micellar water or Eskinol. I personally use Eskinol and have been using it for over 20 years now.

You need to find which astringent, toner, or micellar water fits your skin. For me, it was and has always been Eskinol.

This is an unfiltered photo of me. I only had my eyebrows done and nothing else, not even lip gloss. If you want to achieve skin like this, make sure that you don't make the top 3 mistakes that a lot of Filipinas commit on a daily basis.

PS. Drinking a lot of water also helps.

PPS. If you have really bad skin, I suggest eating or drinking ampalaya. It does wonders.

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  1. I love your skin, it's glowing! Thank you for this, I thought facial wash alone is enough. Not drinking enough water too. :(

    1. Naku water and the right cleanser and toner also matters.

  2. You have great skin! Well as for me, I’ve always had problem skin, so much so that my dermatologist prescribed Accutane or Retinoid just clear it up. But these days it’s not as bad as when I was a teen. Thanks for the tips and my camera’s beauty mode haha. Btw, I’ve never tried Micellar water. Do you have a brand you’d recommend?

    1. For Micellar, I like SIMPLE. It's affordable and it works.


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