Pregnancy Woes

Since I got pregnant again after 14 years, I have experienced different kinds of pains in my body. I never realized that pregnancy takes a toll on you especially when you are no longer young. When I look back to my first pregnancy, I can't really remember having so many pains but then again, I was a young and thin 24-year-old girl. Lithe, fit, and at the height of my youth.

I am now 39, not so fit, not so lithe, and definitely not at the height of my youth.


Since I am no longer as flexible as I used to be, I now wake up with aches and pains all over, specifically lower back pain, legs, and thighs. However, even with all these, I need to walk more and be more active to ensure that I will have a normal delivery.


Every muscle in my body has made its presence known. The constant tension of ensuring the baby is okay while going about things has given me the feeling of always being tired and having my muscles needing a massage that I am not yet allowed to have.


When you can no longer see the floor when you look down, this is bound to happen. Sadly, no matter how careful I was, my clumsiness won and I tripped down a pavement. It was painful but I'm grateful because my knee saved my baby. Whew.


Yes, I constantly burp especially when evening arrives. It's a constant cacophony of a burp, burp, burrrrpppp, BURP, burrrrrpppppppppppp and more burp. It's disgusting really and the feeling of throwing up is always present though thankfully it never happens.


Sometimes, I try to see my feet and I am appalled. It is no longer my normal feet but some form of swollen sausage that looked a bit like my feet. It's really most disconcerting.

In spite of all of this, I am grateful that God chose M and I to be given this gift. It will be a challenge but it is also a blessing that we are most grateful for. 

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