Sunday, November 24, 2019

Panda Hotpot

If someone were to ask me what was the most significant thing about Panda Hotpot, I would say it was the 1.5 hour quest to look for the building parking lot.

Yes, it took us 1.5 hours to look for the building parking lot and it was only because I am pregnant that we were even allowed to all go up. Apparently, the building where Panda Hotpot is located only allows drivers to go up with the car. If I wasn't pregnant, we'd have to go around again and be dropped off.

It wasn't a good impression. In fact, by the time we sat down and started to order, I was ready to flip.

Luckily, the food was pretty cheap, the serving big, and the soup was fantastic.

This plate is only Php499 if I remember it correctly.

They also give complimentary beef slices with this order.

We also ordered lobster ball which was 8 pcs at Php200+. It's a little steep but worth it because the lobster ball wasn't small.

Our group got over the initial irritation and rage we felt but please note that it's better to drop off passengers in front of Panda Hotpot. The parking lot is located before the building though so you'd need to go around once more if you have someone with you.

Is it worth the visit? I would say not really. There are other hotpot places with better parking and that comes with the same taste. Maybe if you're in the area, then it's fine to give it a try. If you're going to the area just to visit this hotpot place, I'd have to say it's not worth the hassle.

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