Friday, November 29, 2019

Bo's Coffee 2019 Planner


For the second time around, Bo's Coffee is joining the planner game and this year, they aim to be one of the better options out there.

We've already reviewed the Coffee Project Planner, the Starbucks Planner, and the Mercury Daybook. It's now time to have a look if the Bo's Coffee Project Planner can hold a candle against the rest. 

The Bo's Coffee Planner comes in two designs, both of which are hardbound. I like that it's sturdy, I hate that it's designed for Christmas. Imagine pulling this out during summer and it' still Christmas feels. EHHHHH????

There is no way to easily brand the planner too. There's no "This book /planner/notebook belongs to" section which I found a bit odd. There's no in case of emergency or anything that is normally found inside a planner.

I did like the part where it's not dated so you can use this any year which if I actually get to own one of this, will most likely be what will happen.

It comes with 3 sections: weekly, monthly, and then an annual overview. It's great for bullet journaling because of the boxes. It provides ample area for notes, doodling, and pasting of things to remember a day by.

The back part of the planner shows off a part of the Philippine flag which is the sun and that's the main highlight of it. The way to earn this planner is by spending Php3,000 pesos. You also need to download the app and then earn points. 1 point for every Php100 spent. This can be either food consumption or drinks.

It's a little tedious though coz you need to have the app, then you need to register, input the price, and then input the OR number. GAH!!!!

Oh, and you can only earn points till December 31, 2019.

Will I actually collect this planner? I won't say that I'll work hard on getting this. If I actually end up at Bo's Coffee, I'll get what points I can but Php3000 is TOO MUCH for a planner unless you're a regular Bo's Coffee drinker.

The process of earning points is also more tedious than getting stickers. The design leaves a lot to be desired but the content and layout inside is something that I really like. I'm conflicted.

What are your thoughts on this?

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