Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kyoto Chaya: A Taste of Japan in MET Life

Whenever I see Sakura Trees, I immediately think of Japan. After all, Sakura was initially known to be from Japan before all the Kdrama made it a pretty background in their TV shows. This is the ambiance given off by Kyoto Chaya.

At Kyoto Chaya Japanese CafĂ©, they bring a mix of the traditional and modern chaya from Kyoto by introducing premium green teas from their farm in uji, Kyoto and selected Japanese coffee—handpicked by Japan’s coffee hunter, Jose Kawashima—to filipinos. Beyond that, they also hope to introduce authentic and healthy dishes from Kyoto, beyond the usual Japanese food that Filipinos are accustomed to.

Some of the dishes that stood out for me were the wagyu cubes that were really soft and mouth watering. I think M had at least 6 cubes and had to be stopped from consuming more. I couldn't fault him though. This was probably the best dish from Kyoto Chaya.

The next one that caught my attention was the Onigiri Platter. I may be biased but I love Onigiri. This one was okay though if they could add more filling, it would be better in my opinion.

They have four kids of Onigiri: Shake, Maguro, Oyako, and Furikake.

The Chicken Nanban was also a winner for me. Fried chicken coated in crispy egg batter and then soaked in sweet and our nanban sauce then served with tartar was a refreshing take on fried chicken.

Lastly, the rice toppings. I always loved it when Japanese restaurants have this in their menu. I think that it's the Filipino and Chinese in me that simply craves for rice and a good portion of meat.

Overall, M and I had key pieces from their menu that we liked which guarantees that should we be in the area once more, we'd most likely end up eating here again.

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