Monday, November 11, 2019

Jolly Mushroom

One of my nicknames back in college was Mushroom Girl. The reason I developed this nickname was that almost every day, I would be found eating a bunch of canned mushrooms. 

I've always been a fan of mushrooms. When I order omelette, one of the things that I make sure is included would be mushrooms. For my pasta, I also include mushrooms whenever possible. 

One of the brands that I trust when it comes to my canned mushrooms is JOLLY MUSHROOMS. 

The country’s leading mushroom brand, Jolly Mushroom, brings new life to moms’ favorite recipes, transforming them into ‘mush-delicious’ home-cooked meals. 

For the average Filipino home-cook, mushrooms are generally used for a limited number of dishes reserved only for special occasions. With Jolly Mushroom, moms can now incorporate mushrooms in their everyday cooking – a kitchen hack that can come in handy for meal preparation daily.

Moms can now ease into making more mushroom-based dishes and discover how mushrooms can shake up their culinary repertoire. By simply adding a 1 can (400g) of Jolly Whole Mushroom, moms can make any dish extra special and “mush-masarap” – making them “mush-madiskarte” in the kitchen.  

Marilou Acuña, Fly Ace Corporation group product manager for Jolly Food Line, talks about this interesting kitchen discovery that can elevate any dish. “Jolly Mushroom can add depth and flavor to one’s cooking. It can be a hearty addition to your favorite ‘ulam,’ giving it an exciting twist for the whole family to enjoy.”

Jolly Mushroom is also making the transition easier by sharing new takes on recipes for Filipino classics like pork adobo, chicken afritada, and burger steak. More recipes that integrate mushrooms, such as pork giniling and chicken teriyaki, will be added to the brand’s YouTube channel in the coming months.

Jolly Mushroom cans (whole mushrooms, and pieces and stems) are available in leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information about the brand, visit Jolly Eats on Facebook and  YouTube, and get access to tips and ideas on how to use Jolly Mushroom in your everyday cooking. 

For me, it will always be a mushroom omelet. What's yours? 

First 3 photos: Captured by Mark Balmores


  1. Oh I love mushrooms and Jolly mushrooms. I would love to make omelet with mushrooms but I recently developed an allergic reaction to chicken and eggs. It runs in the family. Anyway, I love mushrooms in pasta and with garlic and butter. Now, I'm craving for these dishes. I like that Jolly mushrooms they have and small cans so you just get what you need. Plus, a can of pieces and stems is a big time and effort saver.

    1. Yikes. Allergy to eggs? I'd cry haha.

      As for the mushrooms, I actually eat them straight from the can.


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