Friday, November 1, 2019

Review of Sukhumvit Thai Resto

I initially thought that it was Erawan that was the only Thai restaurant inside BF Resort in Las Pinas. It seems I was wrong.

M and I recently passed by Gloria Diaz and we saw this little nook called Sukhumvit. What really got my attention was that they serve Thai Milk Tea that was selling for only Php50. My interest was piqued.

The first impression wasn't so good though because the aircon was turned off and it was hot. The staff was also not prepared to welcome customers which was a bit weird in my opinion because it was already past noon when we got there.

This is the place. The tables were colorful but the place felt a bit cramped.

They served candies and cookies while we were waiting for our orders. I thought that was a bit of a nice touch. It helps keep your mind off the waiting time.

The Pad Thai wasn't appealing to the eyes but it was actually pretty good. I love that though it's not instagrammable, it was more than palatable.

The satay was the least bit impressive for me. Since I've tasted the real thing in Malaysia and Kota Kinabalu, I have higher standards now when it comes to satay.

This is their Tom Yang. Now, this was hands down a WINNER. Tangy, sour, and a bit spicy, it was the perfect blend and truly hits the spot. I also love their container.

It was actually a pretty cheap eat. If we hadn't ordered the extra milk tea to bring home, our meal would have cost Php720 and we managed to try almost everything already.

M and I enjoyed this lunch date and the food we had. I'm glad that there's an alternative for us to choose should we crave Thai Food.

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