Monday, November 25, 2019

Healthy Gifts to Give with Healthy Options

It's the most wonderful time of the year and during these times, festivities and parties abound left and right. Along with this, the choice to indulge is strong which could lead to a lot of unhealthy options. Thankfully, Healthy Options has choice items that you can buy and gift to your loved ones ensuring that you are not only giving them something for them to enjoy, but you are giving them something healthy to help them live longer and be stronger.

For teenagers: 

Healthy Options offers different chips that taste really good but are healthier compared to their regular counterparts. The PopCorners White Cheddar is absolutely perfect for an afternoon snack while the Kettle Style Sea Salt is perfect for movie nights. The Cheddar Clouds is definitely something that kids would want in their lunch box.

For your best friend / Mom / Sister: 

There is a lot of makeup available nowadays. However, not all makeup is actually safe to be used since some of them contain really harsh chemicals. Healthy Options offers Mineral Fusion which is 100% Vegan.

This lip gloss is infused with antioxidant-rich White Tea, Red Tea, and Pomegranate plus Vitamin C to protect delicate lips against free radical damage. It has a luminous color that glides on lips with a smooth, ultra-glossy finish. Made with Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E, it nourishes the lips to keep it soft and supple. It's gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, artificial color free, talc-free, hypoallergenic, and phthalate free.

For the seniors or the forgetful Dad

Ginkgo Biloba is my holy grail when I wasn't pregnant yet. I would take two capsules because I tend to be forgetful. It really helps my brain function better.

Now I make sure that my son and M drink 2 capsules a day because they are also both forgetful. Ginkgo is most commonly known for being a stimulant of the brain and is often used for age-related memory loss. This supplement contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; no wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustacean shellfish or fish. It's also suitable for vegans.

For the stressed and insomniacs: 

This Aura Cacia Roll-On Lavender Oil is heaven-sent. I took a whiff and I was instantly relaxed. After all, Lavander is truly meant to relax and help you get ready to sleep so if you have friends or family members who are always on the edge and ready to snap, this soothing roll-on should help calm them down.

Pre-blended in the apricot kernel and Vitamin E, this roll-on essential oil bottle contains the soft, soothing and floral aroma of lavender that helps to calm and relax your mind and body. You can apply this lavender roll-on stick to your sternum, temples, wrists, and nape of the neck to help soothe your senses. It's also a great tool to help relax before going to bed — simply apply to your pulse points before you hit the pillow to help calm yourself.

For the kids and kids at heart:

Almost everyone I know loves chocolate mint. If you know someone like that, this protein bar that comes in chocolate mint would be perfect. Healthy yet tasty, what more can you ask for?

High protein, low fat, vegan, gluten-free, certified Kosher, antioxidant-rich, non-GMO. This also comes in  chocolate coconut, chocolate chip, chocolate crunch, mint chocolate chip, mocha chocolate, dark peanut butter.

You can definitely snack without the guilt.

Christmas festivities may now be upon us but it doesn't mean that we can just let go and indulge on unhealthy things. Choose the gift of healthy giving to your friends and loved ones to help them lead healthier and longer lives.

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  1. We love Healthy Options and I love chocolate mint. My husband buys his supplements there while I buy hair color. I love the variety of products they have. Great gift ideas too!


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