Saturday, November 2, 2019

SM Woman's Pink Escape

Back then, when you say think pink, people would normally associate it with Barbie Dolls and cotton candy ... basically anything girly.

Now, pink has become the symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness. It's still girly but it is also powerful, strong, and speaks of resilience and survival.

Last October, SM Woman advocated Breast Cancer Awareness Month by celebrating women of different life journeys with self-care talks, fashion and beauty workshops, as well as a well-celebrated fashion show featuring women who have survived breast cancer.

The Pink Escape happened 30th of  October at the SM Mall of Asia atrium and it was an afternoon filled with educational talks that gave more insight and light about Breast Cancer. SM also invited a doctor to shed more light and destroy myths surrounding breast cancer.

They also held a fashion and beauty workshop to inspire hope and encouragement for women. After all, women need to be reminded that they are still beautiful even if they may no longer have certain parts of their bodies.

The one thing I loved most was the tree of hope they had where people could write messages to women afflicted with breast cancer.

Reality is, every woman needs to know what breast cancer is, how to spot it early, and what can be done soon as you are diagnosed with having it. Early detection and awareness is the best prevention and the only way to ensure that this does not stop a woman from enjoying and living life to the fullest.

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  1. This is such an awesome advocacy by SM. My aunt and grandmother had breast cancer before so I witness the difficulties that comes with having it. Cancer really sucks. That's why I breastfed my daughter (aside from its nutritional benefits) for three years. I knew it would lower my risk for breast cancer.

  2. That's always a good reason to breastfeed. Cancer does suck. I've lost some friends to it. Never a good thing.


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