Sunday, November 10, 2019

Save Money with LG Appliances

The Philippines is a country that is hot 50 - 75% of the time. It's a tropical country and nowadays, even when it's the BER months, there are days or weeks even where the heat can become unbearable.

One of the fastest ways to beat the heat is to turn on the airconditioning unit but visions of the Meralco bill is enough to scare anyone into enduring the heat.

Fret no more, LG Appliances have come up with a way to make life comfortable without making you go loco over your electric bill.

As the leader in the HVAC industry, LG Electronics (LG) recently held a press conference at Solaire to formally introduce the brand-new 2020 line up for single commercial air conditioners.

(CAC) Air-conditioning is integral to everyday life in the Philippines, owing to the tropical climate that can get blazing hot at times. However, according to the Global Competitiveness Report by the
World Economic Forum (WEF), electricity in the Philippines ranks a lowly 92 globally, meaning the price of electricity is very high.

This makes air-conditioning not feasible for some households due to the costs involved. Recognizing this issue, LG, by applying innovative technology, has achieved a high-efficiency and cost-effective solution in the brand-new lime up for single CAC.

LG's brand-new line up for single CAC, which are perfect for restaurants, small and medium-
sized stores, and small and medium-sized offices include the Floor Standing, the Ceiling
Mounted Cassette, the 1 Way Ceiling Cassette, the Ceiling Suspended, and the Ceiling
Concealed Duct.

To attain high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the products are rigged with LG's revolutionary RI Compressor and Smart Inverter.

The compressor used in the new line up is an LG-exclusive R1 Compressor with a shaft-through
bottom compression structure With its innovative technology, the R1 Compressor has resolved
the endemic problem of relatively low efficiency in the widely used rotary compressor and
improves the tiling motion of scroll. By virtue of the compressor, it lowers the noise to 4dB and
reduces its weight by 20%.

In comparison to other companies' line up for single CAC, which is operated with a non-
inverter compressor, all of LG's CAC is operated with the inverters With the LG Smart Inverter
the annual price of electricity is expected to decline by 25% compared to an on/off model.

With a premium round design, the Round Cassette provides perfect circular airflow without any
blind spot by minimizing junctions whereas a conventional round cassette has three outlets to
provide three-way airflow with blind spots. In addition to that, unlike other brands' round
cassettes that control wind direction in three steps, LG's Round Cassette is equipped with
crystal vanes, enabling the user to control the direction in six steps. Moreover, the 3D fan
increases airflow rate by 5% while lowering noise. With a larger air flow rate, the cooling rate
becomes 30% faster.

Last year, sales of LG Electronics in the Philippines have grown significantly and HVAC
business was an important part of it," said Inkwun Heo, Managing Director of LG Electronics in
the Philippines. "LG's HVAC Division will continue to develop the world's best HVAC for
contributing to conserving the environment as well as creating better living conditions for

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