Saturday, November 2, 2019

Renucci: Quality Rice

Rice is a staple food of Filipinos. There is no going about it. Most Filipinos can manage with a really small portion of viand as long as they have their rice. I've personally seen it where one piece of lumpiang shanghai was enough to cover 2-3 cups of rice.

The fact that there is even unlirice being offered in a lot of fast food restaurants should be a testament to this statement. Rice is one of the most important cereal products worldwide, and is grown in more than 100 countries.

So, what makes rice a quality type of rice?

There are 3 ways to check for the quality of rice: Smell, Wash, and Feel.


Quality rice should smell like it was just freshly harvested. It should not have any artificial fragrance.
If your rice smells like it has cologne or any artificial fragrance in it, that's never a good sign because it means that they are trying to mask something, most likely, the fact that it has been in storage for so long or the rice is no longer fresh.


When you wash your rice before cooking it, it should not still be milky. If it's milky, it means that there are impurities and is unclean. After 3 washes, it should show that there's clean water which would then indicate that it is fresh and pure.


Quality rice feels naturally coarse. It should also be long and full, not broken or yellowish.

Dalisay Ultra-Premium Rice passed all these tests which makes it one quality rice. My Mom who is a stickler for these things loved the rice. She only has one note about it which is that you need to ensure that if you have 4 cups of rice for cooking, instead of the standard 5.5 cups of water, make it 6.

My Mom says that this rice is best for making rice in a box or fried rice which is what we are having tonight so I'm really excited about that.

Does your rice pass the quality test?

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  1. First time to order Renucci rice online but they were not able to deliver. I paid for it when I ordered, entrusting my money even if this is my first time with them. Worse, when I followed it up, the person answering was very rude. When I demanded for a refund, she invoke their policy of refund, 5 days. But that is applicable only for product returns, not for failure to deliver. I don't know if I ever get a refund. I regret trusting this company, should have been COD.


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