Sunday, November 10, 2019

Ways to Spot Low Quality Diaper

As someone who is 6 months pregnant 14 years after my first was born, I find the notion of having to find the perfect diaper for my soon to be born child daunting. It feels like I have forgotten everything I knew and now I have to start over.

Thankfully, this time around, there are guides and ways to spot a low quality diaper.

As mothers who only want what’s best for your little ones, choosing the best diaper brand is crucial in ensuring your baby’s utmost comfort and well-being. With a lot of diaper brands out in the market, the natural inclination is to go for low-cost, low-quality diaper options, however, cheaper may not always mean more savings. In fact, investing in high-quality diapers can turn out to be more friendly to the pockets in the long run.

So how do you know when a diaper brand is of low quality? If it’s Lawlaw.

Pampers is here to help explain why a lawlaw diaper is a low-quality diaper.

Lawlaw diaper = lowlow quality

A strong indication of a low-quality diaper is a saggy diaper. When you spot a lawlaw diaper, it only means that wetness is absorbed in just one area. This uneven distribution of wetness shows that the entire diaper is not used up so it ends up getting full easily. This then results to more frequent diaper changes, which may in turn make you spend more in a day.

Lawlaw diapers may lead to skin rashes

Because lawlaw diapers are lowlow in quality, pee is concentrated in just one area. This creates a pool of wetness inside the diaper, and when baby’s skin is soaked in wetness, it is more likely prone to diaper rashes. Studies also show that low-quality diaper users experience 2x more leakage than less-lawlaw diaper users.

Lawlaw diapers can hinder baby’s mobility

According to the 2013 Go Naked study1, saggy or lawlaw diapers may hinder baby’s ability to walk properly. This bulkiness is caused by the undistributed pee inside a diaper that may lead to discomfort and difficulty for baby to rove around and play.

Taekwondo World Champion, Janice Lagman Lizardo (@jan_lizardo), shares on her recent Instagram post how she values her son Jace’s playtime: “We would always want our babies happy and feeling comfortable with whatever they do especially when they are playing…I decided to switch to Pampers which absorbs the pee evenly from front to back. This diaper is less lawlaw so Jace can play as long as he likes without interruptions from his diaper.”

Lawlaw diapers may end up being more expensive

In the recent survey of Pampers PH, 92% of the moms agreed and noticed that Pampers is less ‘lawlaw’ compared to the previous diaper brand their kids were using.

If you count the number of diapers used in a day of cheaper diapers vs Pampers diapers, it might come as a surprise that moms may end up using more with cheaper diapers due to the frequent changes. In a day, for instance, it usually takes only 2 diaper changes* with Pampers and about 3-4 changes when using cheaper diapers. That’s actually 2x more spend vs choosing Pampers.

In the world of mommyhood, quality and value for money are of the same importance. This is why Pampers encourages moms to be more proactive when choosing the best diaper brand that will carry on their love and care for their babies. It is always more thoughtful to know that choosing less lawlaw means choosing quality for your baby, and in the long run, this will be more beneficial for your baby as much as it is for your savings.

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  1. Great tips to follow. Sometimes we just want our baby to be comfortable

  2. I am glad I am completely past the diaper period because my kids are in their 30s

  3. These are great tips, im gonna keep this for the future when i have a baby!

  4. Thanks for recommending! Pampers is a great brand and affordable.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, this would definitely help a lot of expectant mothers

  6. Will share this with my friends who have babies!

  7. Useful tips. Its very important to select the correct diapers as babies may have skin rashes. I have crossed the stage, my son is a big boy now. But I always used Pampers.


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