Monday, November 25, 2019

Update on YES Samgyupsal

I had the chance to review YES SAMGYUPSAL back in February.

I remembered that my family and I loved the place because they served really quality meat and their price is quite reasonable.

9 months later, I did wonder, would the quality still be the same?

M and I ordered the samgyupsal set. This set costs Php399 during lunch and then during dinner, it cots Php499 because aside from the samgyupsal, they also have a dinner buffet available.

The meat they served is still of good quality. We had the bulgogi which was really good, the pork strips, beef strips, and the marinated ones. They were all sooo good.

If I wasn't being on a restrictive diet, I would have eaten a lot more but sadly, I had to cut down on rice so I just made do with lettuce wraps.

I must have finished two servings of this all by myself.

I also ate at least 4 plates of the sweet potato balls. This is actually my favorite of all the side dishes so when a Korean place has it, I'm just really happy.

M and I finished one entire set of the samgyupsal. I loved that they now added shrimp, soup, and steamed egg with it. It makes everything worth it even more. Truly bang for buck.

I'm glad that in almost one year of operations, they have been able to maintain the quality of their food. I loved it the first time I went to visit and I am still loving them now. 

YES Samgyupsal is located at 225 Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Paranaque.

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