Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what was I?

To all the men who loved me and whom I loved, what was I to you?

To MU, was I just someone to fill the void left by your first love? Was I a possession that you didn't want to let go of? You were my first love but it seems I was never yours.

To JM, was I just an obsession? Your best friend got me first and you wanted to one up him? Was that why you went after my best friend after we were through?

To ES, was I just a conquest? You were handsome, smart, and you said you wanted to give me the world. Why did I get tears instead?

To RS, was I just a dream? You wanted your perfect little romantic comedy but it seems ours had a few too many heartaches and heartbreaks.

To RA, what was I to you? I was the mother of your child but I was never anything else. You used me and you abused me. Did you never see the woman that I was?

To JB, was I just an accomplishment? You've never had a real girlfriend and I was the longest one you've had. Does it feel good to use someone to make a point?

To KY, was I just a toy to pass time? We dated for a time and when I tried to let go, you wouldn't let me. One day, you put me in the friendzone. How does it feel to lead someone on and break a heart?

To MD, was I really that much of a target? You plotted, played, strategized, and finally got what you wanted. How does it feel to know that you hurt a lot of people because you are one selfish bastard?

I wish I could all see you one more time ... I would really want to ask ... what was I to you?


  1. The last one is a narcissist?

  2. Seeing them once again would bring back memories. And part of those memories were the unpleasant ones. Are you willing to navigate to it again and let your heart feels it one more time. Or, maybe, this time you've totally let go of it. And just wanting to see them and nothing else.

    Just thinkin..hehehe..

    1. Just sing Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had". I love this line: and it sucks to be you right now. :)

      Smile. Hugs.

  3. Ok, going back into this at 3:33 am with a clearer head but clogged nose. I wonder if its MD or RA that's the narcissist? Or both have it in them?

    Anyway, that is the past, but its nice to have them all analysed.

    I am curious to get to know the next one in your heart, my dear.

    You deserve the best, I hope the right guy finds you soon.

  4. You're better of without them if they didn't treat you right. I hope with the next guy you'll love and will love you back, you won't need to ask this question anymore :)

  5. you're a lot stronger now, don't let anyone destroy your stronghold, hold on....,



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