Tuesday, February 14, 2012

not my cup of tea

I recently saw an ad by Seattles Best for a new product that they had which sent my heart fluttering. Milk tea! Yes, you read that right. They are now selling milk tea and so off I trooped to SBC.

I should have kept in mind that they are called Seattles Best COFFEE ... not Seattles Best TEA or MILK TEA.

This  is the wall decor that I saw and loved. It was colorful and catchy and it lulled me into thinking that yes, this would definitely be my cup of tea. 

While waiting for my date to pick me up, I took some photos since this was milk tea # 2 for me that day. #1 will always be Tea Farm.

I liked the little stickers on the table. It adds "oomph" to the promotion of the milk tea. 

See me here? Yes, I am smiling. Notice though that I have not had a sip of my milk tea.

Seattles Best Milk Tea failed in comparison to the other milk teas being sold in the market. It wasn't bad. It was just really forgettable. It was BLAH. Seattles Best should stick to coffee instead of joining the bandwagon because with this one, they missed the flavor they were going for by a thousand miles.

It was definitely not my cup of tea.


  1. I haven't tried SBC's milk tea yet, but I'll definitely get a cup once I'm feeling better. Won't get my hopes up too high though. Thanks for the warning achie Kay. And happy Valentine's day! :)

    1. It was weird kasi. Parang blah na I just don't get it. Labo nga. Sayang. :(

  2. I agree di masarap yung milk tea nila at ang tamis tamis pa...


  3. Sorry about that. :( I think they made that for people like me: coffee addict AT ayaw sa milk tea, kasi super mild ng flavor. :)


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