Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hong Kong Roast

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to another Eats a Date event. I almost didn't make it to the list because it was already full when I found out about it but fate was smiling on me and it wanted me to have a Chinese feast for the night.

Hong Kong Roast can be found at Jupiter corner Galaxy Street in Makati. The big sign in front is a dead giveaway and makes it pretty easy to spot. I love it because I am geographically challenged and enormous signs like this are a life saver.

Upon getting there, you'd have a taste of what restos in Hong Kong are like because the restaurant is actually located downstairs.

Upon entering, the place looks like a typical Chinese eatery but with a dash of panache. The lamps add a bit of elegance but the overall look is very casual chic.

After taking time to enjoy the simplicity of the place, we got down to the business of indulging ourselves in Hong Kong food. Some of the food that stood out for me are the following:

beef ho fan
I can honestly say that this is one of the best ho fan that I have ever tasted. The noodle was cooked just right and the combination of all the ingredients was perfect. It didn't leave an aftertaste ... what it did leave was the wanting to have 3 more plates that I could devour in one sitting.
yang chow fried rice
The Yang Chow fried rice was FRESH. There, it was FRESH. The taste was crisp, delicious, and it made me go "hmmm!" but in a good way. It wasn't like the typical yang chow fried rice that was bland and dull. If yang chow fried rice could dance, this one would be doing the samba while the others would be doing a boring waltz.  
Black Sesame Ice Cream
This was one hell of an ice cream. It is made from beans and had crushed beans on top. Sounds yucky right? WRONG! It was oh so yummy and trust me on this because I hate beans and yet I wanted to have 2 scoops of this ice cream. It was THAT good. No, it was really really good.

What I like most about the night was the banter between the bloggers and the owner. John was such a delightful host that I found myself not noticing the time as it passed by. Jokes and opinions were handed out and though the owners were smiling, I knew that they were taking note of all that we have told them. This makes me feel good because I know that our opinions mattered.

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience. The service was great because the staff was quick and efficient. I didn't have to call anyone twice and they took care of my every whim. I'd definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

To anyone who would like to have a taste of authentic Hong Kong food without leaving the Philippines, Hong Kong Roast is the place to go.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. The Black Sesame ice cream looks interesting. :)
    Glad you had fun! ;)

  2. I wanna try the hofan! i like noodles <33

  3. yummy ice cream!!!


  4. I'm so curious of the black bean ice cream! :D Would love to visit this if only I knew my way within Makati.. >.<

  5. Hi, Miss Kathy! The foods shown here look so yummy. Sometimes I wanna try food blogging too so I can do this as well. Hehe. More power to you po! :-)


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