Monday, February 27, 2012

A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to watch this play and blog about it. As with any new play, I did not check the summary or synopsis because I did not want to be spoiled. I have learned that the element of surprise when watching plays create a bigger impact on me as part of the audience and boy did A Fire in the Soul burned more brightly than any other play I've seen.

This play tells the story of the 41 innocent souls that were claimed during WW2. They were brothers and civilians who was taking refuge inside De La Salle University. They were killed for no reason, without warning, and without provocation.

This is a story of their martyrdom and this is the story of why they died.

the narrators
the other narrators

the visuals showing the bloodshed

It was powerful, moving, and heart wrenching. The songs told of the stories of the martyrs, the actors conveyed the pain, and the visuals used allowed the audience to have a glimpse of events that have passed.

To know more about this, here is their facebook page.

A lot of people watched and it was a sight to see as most of the crowd were dressed up because it said on the ticket that one had to come wearing formal wear. Celebrities also came to lend support to the actors that were part of the cast.

with my ever dearest plus 1, K
K with Ayen Laurel
with Franco Laurel
with Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana (my look alike daw!)
with Jaime Fabregas (one of the best actors of our time)
with Conchita Castillo (an institution)
with Michael de Mesa (the lead brother)
I wish they would do more staging of this play. It is something that not only La Sallians would enjoy but something that other people should watch, learn, and talk about. The martyrdom of the brothers and the civilians during the war should serve as a constant reminder to us that everything happens for a reason.

The martyrdom of the 16 brothers should never be forgotten. They should remain alive ... a fire continuously burning ... a fire, in the soul of each and every one of us.


  1. i miss watching a play. most plays i watched throughout college are just required, not those that i wanted to see just because i wanted to :o

  2. Star-studded! Ang swerte at nanduyan ka!

    BTW, u look pretty in your preggy dress.

    1. Ouchie and thanks. I'm not pregnant though. Mataba lang talaga ako.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Used to watch a lot of Repertory plays at Greenbelt but since the big move, I wasn't able to do so. Gotta make time for it again soon. Thanks for this.

  4. so, how did the brothers died? oops... that will be a spoiler, right?

  5. I love watching plays, especially musicals. The last play I saw was Avenue Q pa. I miss theater! :(

  6. for sure maganda talaga to coz of those celebrities who went there to watch the play also.. :|

  7. the background seems to be a proof that it is a big event. plus the stars. but the first thing that came to my mind during the first few words was city hunter. same thing happen about being killed for no reason plus from the same getting familiar with other countries but i haven't evem heard from this story yet.


  8. Wow Jaime Fabregas, he's on of my favorite actors!

  9. This is one play that I want to watch.Mga de kalibreng star talaga.

  10. This looks indeed like a good play. You were lucky to have been invited! :D

  11. Wow, swerte nyo naman mam at napili kang imbitahan and mag blog tungkol sa play nila. And di lang the "usual" play, bigatin.

    OT. Parang may kamukha po kayong celebrity e, di ko lang matandaan kung sino, basta nakita ko na sa TV :D

  12. ow, this sounds like a great play indeed. Would have loved to watch it but I guess the tickets are pricey. Good for you.:)

  13. looks like a nice play and truly star-studded!! lucky you.

  14. Awww, sayang mahilgi pa man din ako sa mga plays/musicals....

    I wish I could go out and watching these works of art,


  15. I wasn't able to attend this, but I bet it was great! :) I miss watching plays.. *sigh*


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