Wednesday, February 8, 2012

if these walls could talk ...

.. .what would they say?

The walls of my room would probably tell you stories of a woman who tries to be strong when she is outside with the world but breaks down in the haven of her room. It would tell you the dreams and heartache, the songs of love and longing it hears, and the laughter and tears it witnesses.

If the walls of Intramuros could talk, what would it say? How many stories can it tell? Would it say anything at all or has it become mute because of the many horrors it has seen?

It would say, visit me. Spend an afternoon with me and get to know my untold stories. Walk with me and hear me whisper the stories of families who had happy moments here. The children ran around and dreams were made.

It would say, wait with me. The man I love is just biding his time so we can be together again. Hear the sweet words he whispered in my ear while we stood here at the stairs looking out into the sky. We formed our lives here, the one we want to have together. Weep with me as I hold him, bleeding and dying from a shot from my father's gun.

It would say, hide with me. The conquerors are coming and we not safe anywhere. Hear the sound of people dying and being bludgeoned. Hear the screams of the people who have lost loved ones. Hear the moans of the people suffering. Hear all of this and amidst all that, hear the sound of my heart breaking.

It would say, can you see me? I am not here anymore. They dropped a bomb on me and I am now gone, lost forever. Where there is an empty space, I used to be a school full of young men with ambitions and their lives ahead. Where there is an empty space, I used to have a school full of sons, nephews, cousins, friends, and lovers. Can you see me? Can you hear us? Do you even want to remember us?

Walk with me. Visit me. Hear me. Know my stories and spread the word. I have a million stories to tell. One afternoon is not enough. I promise you won't be bored. You will however cry, laugh, reminisce, fantasize, and feel strongly for me at the end of the day.

Walk with me. Walk this way.

Afterwards, lets have coffee at Starbucks in Intramuros. They, too, have stories waiting to be heard.

This is a Travel Write-up entry to the Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012 organized by IntramurosManila.Asia

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  1. Love the creative post! Wish I had joined, too!

  2. good luck with your entry. love your photos :)

  3. Your entry is highly competitive enough to land a significant place in the top.

    I was moved by how you presented your write-up. Literary-wise, it captured every aspect of emotions and the words tell different scenarios of past, present and the future of it.

    Masterfully done with close-to-perfect creative scribbling.

    Good luck and congratz in advance. Cheers! :)))

  4. for the win! uh,if th walls could talk hmmmmm..judging by the loss of our connection to its'd prolly be a cussword in spanish.nice write-up! :)

  5. Wow.. I love the way you write. :) So poignant.

  6. I love the message. Very nice photos

  7. wow! you're so creative. I felt the message with the photos and your words :) very nice :) visiting from PMB


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