Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family day at Bloomfield Academy

It was a day of shame. It was a day of doing things that I did not want to do but I had to. Yes, I had to. You see, when you love your family, you sometimes need to force yourself to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable, and the unacceptable.

Sigh ... and because I love my sister and I couldn't break her heart, I just decided to let go of dignity for one day and have a day of shame.

I played 5 sets of volleyball (my fats screaming bloody murder the entire time,) I sang (How Do I Live) and danced (Fire Burning.) GAH! All for the love of my sister who is also a blogger. If you have time to spare, visit her here.

My brothers also went and they too came up with various excuses not to attend. Of course, in the end, we were all there because we wanted to support K. (If she reads this, I will profess to being possessed. Hahahaha!)

Here are the photos of us enjoying our day of "shame" hahahaha! Love you K!

me playing 5 sets of volleyball ... oh the pain, the pain!
twins playing basketball
our prizes! YEY!
parlor games
my Mom was the only one who's cup did not fall
K playing rope relay
zigzag dribble (Karl)
zigzag dribble (Kirk)
family photo
AWARDING! We won 2nd for singing and dancing

So yes, fine, it was fun. Most important is that my little sister was very happy because we were there to support her.


  1. Good thing there wasn't any school event like that in my bro and sister's school. I will die,really.

  2. the most important of all is to have fun :-) this post made me remember how my parents skip family days haha

  3. At least you had fun in the end! and you won! :)

  4. It's great to see you so bonded with your family. I love family events. Congratz sa mga napanalunan nyo. :)))

  5. This is really fun! :) Congrats for winning, but most of all, glad you guys had an enjoyable family bonding.. :)

  6. Looks like fun really and you did win prizes in the end, so all in all, it was a good day. Wouldn't you agree? hehe

  7. haha! sometimes it's better experience shame than not to experience anything at all -- especially if you'll be having fun. hey, ios bloomfield academy in bf resort? i'm from bf too!


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