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Valentines 2012

I bought flowers for the ladies in our house today. It is after all, Valentines Day. So I went out and had a simple merienda with B. He chose to eat at Sen Lek Sen because he apparently really liked the Pad Thai and the Thai Noodle.

So in a nutshell, this is how my Valentine was spent.

And this is B and I.

Hope everyone had a good hearts day. :)


  1. Awww.. You're so sweet achie Kay! :) And wow, B is liking Thai food ah. Daig pa niya ako 'cause I haven't been eating a lot of Thai food.. XD Anyway, happy Valentine's!

    1. He really is! Galing nga e. He was like, I wanna go back and eat Pad Thai. Whoa!

  2. I'm envious you have a cute and handsome date with a good food taste =p

    1. You have Kurt naman diba? Hindi mo ba howe si Kurt?

  3. i think the simple thought of giving them flowers are very much appreciated.

    ... and Thai food rocks!

    Happy V day!

  4. how nice, spending Valentines with the family...


  5. mom & son--now that's the greatest love of all :)


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