Thursday, February 16, 2012

random musical moments # 2

The first one can be read here.

Random Song # 6: Standing by my Door and Diwata

Same guy dedicated this song to me. We were in his car after he picked me up and he told me that he has been stalking me online for the last two years before he finally got to meet me. He said that Standing by my Door is perfect because he feels that he is always inside, waiting for me to come in and be with him. As for Diwata, he said that I was the Diwata in his life. Unfortunately, I came too late.

Random Song # 7: To Be with You 

Nerdy guy dedicated this to me. We were in his car and he asked me to pop in a casette (yes, it was that long ago.) This song played and he sings to it the entire time. I turn to mush. Yes, being serenaded turns me to mush.

Random Song # 8: Smile by Uncle Kracker

I was with this guy last year and we were walking in Makati. I asked him what song he would dedicate to me if he could dedicate one. He said that he will just post it on my wall. The next day, I immediately turned on my computer and checked my facebook. This was the song that he posted. I SMILED.

Random Song # 9: Chasing Pavement

I dedicate this song to the same guy who gave me song # 5 and song # 8. He was the pavement that I kept chasing and unfortunately, this road led to nowhere. It was futile and it was useless. I held on to whatever we were hoping he would love me in return for 8 months. 8 freakin' months.

Random Song # 10: One and Only by Adele

I dedicate this to someone. I know you have been badly hurt, I have been to ... but together, I think we can make beautiful music together.

And these are some of the songs that I remember now ...


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