Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pao Pao Milk Tea

I was passing through Enterprise on my way to check something at National Book Store. I saw a man passed by and he was drinking milk tea. As we all know by now, I am addicted to Milk Tea. With this sighting, I went on to hunt where he got his milk tea and this is what I found.

I've never heard about Pao Pao Milk Tea but I wanted to give this a try. The server was very friendly and had me try a couple of shots of the different milk tea they had to offer. I ended up ordering the Taro Milk Tea.

I like the pearls that they had. It was chewy and not hard. It slides inside the mouth and can be chewed with ease. The milk tea was just right and it didn't leave an aftertaste which I like. However, it didn't leave much of an impression either. It was good but it lacked the kick of other milk tea places.

I'll definitely order if I pass by it but I won't make much of an effort to go visit.


  1. ikaw na talaga! ikaw na talaga ang addict sa lahat ng tea na may case I need one I know whom to call and right away provide me with the list of store to have it..LoL..hahaha

  2. tell me where it is!!! tell me! I Love Milk Tea!!!1


    followed ur blog, hope you follow mine also :)

  3. enterprise = ang may pinakamahabang escalator :)


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