Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mongolian Rice Bowl

I have wanted to try this place ever since I first passed by it. I was supposed to eat here with a friend but the friend has disappeared and so I decided that I would eat here with B and family.

Last Friday, it happened. After a major epic fail with B's school that I do not want to elaborate on lest I cuss at the sisters, we decided that we will fix B's broken heart by eating out.

It worked.

K and I had buffet while the rest of the family ordered a la carte. It seems K and I will never really lose weight since we both love to eat. Haha. It's a good thing we're pretty. LOL.

We tried out the sweet version of the mongolian rice bowl simply because we have a sweet tooth. What I liked is that they have a guide on how to create your own. This is helpful especially for people like me who have no idea to cook mongolian style.

After it has been cooked, it looks like this.

I like the taste of the food. It was fresh and the combination that they recommended was perfect. I had the sweetness I wanted and the mix of the pork, chicken, beef, and squid was just right. There wasn't a taste that overpowered one and you get to enjoy everything in moderation. In fact, I had two bowls of this. Teehee.

For those who do not have such big appetites, they also have a sampler of the rice bowl and different rice toppings.

sweet and sour fish
chicken teriyaki
Overall, it was a pretty good dinner that we had. My family and I enjoyed and I think I could do another visit to this place after I am  done trying out the other new places here in our area.


  1. I'm planning to try the Cafe Sweet Inspirations. :) Last time I tried a Mongolian rice bowl was way back college pa. :)

  2. Ooooh That place is so awesome!!!!
    I've been there for so many times na and I'm loving it so much!


  3. Hehe eating is a good way to lift up your spirits talaga. havn't tried it there parang higher class na monglion quickstop


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