Saturday, February 25, 2012

Maki Moto

One of my pet projects is to feature restaurants here in the South. Today, I was able to try a Japanese place in Gloria Diaz Street located inside BFRV.

I loved that it was small and cozy. At night, it would be nice to dine al fresco because the South still has fresh air and less mosquitoes. Inside, it can sit a maximum of 9 people.

K and I ordered the Crazy Maki, Beef Teppanyaki, and the Chicken Teriyaki Rice Topping. Total bill was Php494.

crazy fried maki
beef teppanyaki
chicken teriyaki
The food was superb. For a tiny unknown resto, they serve really good Japanese food. Service was fast and the servers were really nice. From the ambience, to the food, the servers, and the price, it was all A-OKAY!

They even gave us fliers so that we can just have things delivered for a minimum of P250 and with a delivery fee of P40. I say this is already good because if ever I crave for Japanese food, I can just dial and it would be delivered right to my doorstep.

Now this is what I call GOOD SERVICE!


  1. Inggit ako.. :( There's no Japanese resto near our place and we really have to go out if we want to eat Japanese food.. :( Actually, almost every cuisine doesn't delivery to our area. Only the big fast food chains are within our reach T__T

  2. Wow nice...the food were great huh..though I've had a taste of them all which makes me crave to eat just right now kasi masarap sila. my personal pick among the three is the "beef teppanyaki".

  3. I really craving for some maki lately. :) Now I want to eat one again. :)

  4. Oh i like teppanyaki or the teriyaki. I don't eat maki & sushi :(

  5. Sushi!!!

    The last sushi I had was in bubbletea hehe


  6. i love exploring small places like that.places that appreciate your business and give more value for your money.

  7. Wah! Food...Nagugutom nanaman ako :-(


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