Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm not really much of a fan of Kebabs and the like but after trying out Mano's Greek Taverna and Greko, I am now a convert. When I saw this kiosk at our food patio, I of course had to try it. Besides, Michy of Dekaphobe told me about it as well and I trust her judgement.

I was curious if a "fast food" kebab would actually taste good. They had chicken kebab and beef kebab and I wasn't sure what to try. It's a good thing they had a combo meal and so I got this one.

chicken and beef kebab

Verdict: Pass! It was actually pretty good and the sauce they used was right. It wasn't a cheap imitation. It was exactly what it should be.

Best part? It's only Php75.


  1. interesting! I rarely eat kebabs kasi :)

  2. looks yummy! though there's plenty of restaurants that serve kebak here in my location, I seldom order kebab on their menu (I prefer beef & chicken) because I don't like the smell of it.. :P

  3. Saan kaya meron niyan in manila hmm

  4. ooh the food looks really good!!

  5. I love kebab! There's this one restaurant in Morato that serves quality kebab at a low price--I have to remember what. :))


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