Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the lovely mugs

Since we are moving to a bigger place, my mugs now have a home of their own. Here they are in all their glory.

this is in the dining area
These are located in the family room. What a lovely sight it is!

They are only a few compared to other collectors have (I know a couple who have over 200) but these are my babies and someday, I hope that they will be worth something for B. For now, they make me smile when I see them.

PS. This is my Mom's Starbucks collection funded by me with the help of some friends who donated and gave as gifts. See below.


  1. i like it so much! :) i am happy to be a part of your collection :)

  2. ^ Who is this? I would like to know so that I know naman which mug you gave me (I'm assuming you did kasi sabi mo you are a part of my collection.)

    Pero thank you.

  3. I only have the Cebu mug. I don't intend to collect, walang space sa bahay. :)

  4. hi!

    I'm not serious yet with my mugs but in away nakakaipon na rin ako. oo nga nakakatuwang tingan yan. parang napi-picture out ko na kapag ganyan na rin ang pagkakayos nung mga gifts at naipon ko.

    if ever din kasi, pinapangarap ko rin magkaroon ng coffee shop.

  5. Wow! Love how your collection looks in your family room :D I hope I get to collect something too.. >.<


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