Sunday, February 12, 2012

better, not bitter ...

This is going to officially be the first year that I won't have a Valentine. Last year, I was with someone albeit unofficially and we had a late dinner at Bon Chon. This year, I will be with no date and honestly, I don't mind. It's the way it is and I am not bitter at all.

It's just funny because most of my friends can't believe that I am without a date. I tell them that no one asked me out and they're like "ows???" Well, its true. No one asked me out on Valentines Day and I am not ashamed to say it.

Yes, it would be nice to be with someone and to receive flowers and gifts but its not the end of the world simply because there is no one. Seriously. I've had my share of bouquets and dates on previous Valentines Days so its not like I don't know how it feels. I do. Do I miss it? Yes. I don't mind though that there's no one this year.

It's a novelty. Ask me again next year when there's still no one. I might just post a "woe is me I am so bitter" Valentine post. Hahaha. Doubtful though.

For this year ... I choose to be better ... not bitter ... after all, when one is bitter, one is ungrateful and for all the wonderful things happening in my life, bitter is something that I do not feel at all.

I am loved ... not just by one but by many. I am loved.


  1. Valentine's is not just about dating naman. You are blessed and indeed loved by many, achie Kay.. :) It's nice nga if you can pamper yourself on Vday. You deserve it anyway.. :) *sigh* Unlike me na still sick and might not even have the energy to go out on Tuesday.. :(

  2. Don't worry. I've never had a date on valentines day in my entire life nor have I ever received a rose on that day too so you can't be bitter because you really are in a better state than me. =)

    1. Group date tayo minsan nila Michy and Sumi :)

  3. Come to think of it, I never celebrated Vday even if I had a BF.hahaha. :D

  4. true, we are still loved, even if there are people who doesn't :)

  5. I don't know what's all these fuss about Valentine's Day. You're right. You are loved and Valentine's Day is not just for romantic candlelight dinner date with someone special. It's a celebration of Love in general. Happy Heart's Day Kay :)

  6. Officially I have no Valentine's date this year...OFW hubby is not around to celebrate it with me...Cyber Date na lang sa chat room....Belated Happy Vday Sis...

    been here from Pinay Mommy Blogger FB Xcom


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